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Posted by Rose Hill Flowers on January 18, 2021 | Last Updated: January 28, 2021 Flowers Gifts

Perfect Gifts For Keeping Your Far Away Valentine Happy

Being in a long-distance relationship can be hard, especially around the holidays. Even harder, perhaps, is when you are apart during Valentine’s Day. The perfect romantic gift, though, goes a long way to making the distance a bit more bearable and the love bond even stronger. Here at Rose Hill Flowers, Nashville’s best florist, our business is love and romance. We can help with selecting the perfect long-distance gift to keep your amour happy and close this Valentine’s Day.

Thoughtful Valentine’s Day Gifts for Your Long-Distance Love

Lovely dark pink rose in a sleek vertical vase


Obvious, right? But there’s a reason the rose is the most beloved flower on the planet. The beautiful, delicate, fragrant rose is THE symbol of love and romance. In every culture! Plus, they come in a wide range of colors that each have their own special meaning. When you want to send the message of deep love, desire, and romance, though, red is the way to go. Dark pink represents fiery passion and attraction and is also a great choice for V-day, like our elegant Fit to Be Tied arrangement.

one white and one black touch bracelet

Touch Bracelets

For a subtle and clever way to let your lover know they are on your mind, just touch your bracelet, and they will feel it! In real-time even. When you touch the face of your bracelet, your partner’s bracelet will vibrate and light up. It’s like a secret electronic code between the two of you and reinforces your bond.

Open photo book with pics of couple on beach

Photo Book

Take all your favorite couples pics off your phone and put them in a customized photo book for your partner to enjoy whenever they are missing you. Services like Shutterfly allow you to upload, arrange, edit, add text and other graphics into a photo book that is then printed out. These hard-cover photo books are a great way to document vacations as well and will become cherished keepsakes in your relationship.

His and Her coffee mugs

Customized Coffee Mug

If you and your sweetheart enjoy morning coffee together, then use customized coffee mugs to keep enjoying your morning beverage together. You can have photos of both of you on the coffee mug or just your bae to warm up your heart and your body when enjoying your hot beverage.

tan and white stuffed doggie

Plush Doggo

Squishy, soft, plush, and cute, these cute critters make the perfect gift to snuggle up with when your partner can’t snuggle with you. Before long, they’ll be carrying this loving soft creature around them at all times – and thinking of your the whole time.

A lovely fern in a fun and unique modern container


No, plants are not boring. In fact, they can be the living glue that holds your relationship together. Think of a plant as a metaphor for your long-distance relationship: when your partner is watering, feeding, and nourishing a houseplant, it symbolizes how they also nourish and take care of the relationship so it can thrive. Plus, plants have proven mood-boosting benefits, purify the air, and add a fresh touch of greenery that is always welcome. Since plants live a long time, when taken care of properly, they can become a symbol of your love and strength once you and your boo are finally together forever.

Remember that when choosing a gift to send to your long-distance love, make sure it’s from the heart and is something they will enjoy and hold dear. It’s also important to send gifts regularly to keep the embers burning. And, one final note, when you need something simple and affordable and absolutely perfect, send flowers. A bouquet of fresh seasonal flowers is always perfect for anybody at any time and is the most classic and time-treasured way to keep love alive.