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Gift Giving On Grandparent’s Day, Full of Flowers!

daisiesGrandparent’s Day is almost here — September 7, to be exact. This national holiday always falls on the Sunday after Labor Day. The day was established in 1979 by President Jimmy Carter but inspired by the efforts of Marian McQuade, whose family was blessed with generations of grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

While not as historic a holiday as Christmas or Valentine’s Day, it’s a wonderful opportunity to take the time to honor our beloved grandparents and let them know they’re loved. Have you decided how you’re going to mark the occasion this year?

Say It With Flowers

Whether you’ll be attending a social event with your grandparents or celebrating from across the miles, nothing brings good cheer like a bouquet of fresh flowers. Beautiful, festive blooms allow you to not just say you care, but show it. Flowers always make a statement, and for Grandparent’s Day they’re the perfect gift.

So, what type of flowers should you send? That depends on your grandparent. Do you know their favorite flower(s), or at least their favorite color? If you’re not sure, consider one of these flower types for Grandparent’s Day gift-giving:

Lilies. The lily’s distinctive, elegant shape brings good energy to any arrangement and is available in a wide range of colors.

Orchids. Orchids and other tropical blooms bring beauty and cheer to a flower arrangement. Their patterns and colors can be basic or highly elaborate.

Snapdragons. This sweet flower can bring height to an arrangement; its delicate buds and blooms are radiant and uplifting.

Sunflowers. This flower shines like the sun and is universally loved. Blend the sunflower with other flowers, or send a large bouquet of them on their own.

Daisies. Daisies bring a simple but fun vibe to any flower arrangement. These pretty flowers can bring country charm to either a summer or autumn-themed bouquet.

Asters. Asters are similar to daisies, but come in more available colors, textures, sizes and styles. Asters can bring country charm to an arrangement like the daisy, but they can add a colorful, more contemporary feel.

Wildflowers. Wildflowers are a broad category referring to simple garden and meadow flowers and sprays. Daisies, asters and sunflowers may be included in a wildflower bouquet. This style of arrangement brings a fun, casual feel that’s appropriate for both summer and autumn.

Roses. The rose is a classic beauty that comes in many, many colors besides red. Surprise your grandparent with roses this Grandparent’s Day.

Everyone loves receiving flowers. Consider these bright ideas and give your grandparents the perfect arrangement for Grandparent’s Day.