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Posted by Rose Hill Flowers on August 30, 2017 | Last Updated: September 1, 2017 Homecoming & Prom

Formal Flowers for Nashville Homecoming Dances

homecoming dancesThis month, students and alumni throughout Nashville will be preparing for one of our most cherished traditions – homecoming! Whether high school or college, the weekend is full of nostalgia and old memories – and the opportunity to make many more.

You may think that a corsage is something your grandmother would wear, but nothing could be further from the truth! Although corsages have been around for hundreds of years, the floral experts at Rose Hill Flowers are your source for trendy, contemporary and colorful corsages and boutonnieres that will turn every head at your homecoming dances.

The very word corsage is a French term for “bodice”, so it is no wonder that the traditional corsages were always worn affixed to that part of a dress. However, in more recent year, the wrist corsage, or wristlet, is more often the design of choice when planning for homecoming dances. The band of the wristlet can be made of ribbon, tulle, or jewelry like faux pearls or stones; the decorative band is then adorned with beautiful fresh flowers.

homecoming dances
While some flowers, such as roses and carnations, are often associated with formal flowers, there really are no rules when it comes to creative design. Many floral experts will use exotic orchids or vivid gerbera daisies; calla lilies or even succulents to fashion unique corsages and boutonnieres. And while traditionally we saw many trying to match the floral color palette exactly to the dress, complimentary colors are now the trend, allowing striking and contrasting flowers that steal the show.

Homecoming dances may be traditional celebrations, but nothing says that your flowers need to be old-school. Come to Rose Hill Flowers to discuss your flowers with our designers, and we’ll make sure your look is modern and gorgeous. For all of your Nashville special occasions, make us your first call.