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Posted by Rose Hill Flowers on February 19, 2024 Floral Design Flowers Gifts

Recognizing the Women and Supporters Who’ve Lifted You Up on International Women’s Day

Facts: International Women’s Day on March 8 is about celebrating the awesome people who make our world a better place. We’re all for showing our admiration to our faves with a stunning bouquet of spring stems. While mimosa flowers are the official symbol of the day, you can also choose blooms like tulips, gerbera daisies, and peonies to send that same sunny energy. Don’t forget the power of color to say what you’re feeling – pick meaningful hues or stick to the traditional purple, white, and green shades. We’re 100 percent pumped to design the perfect floral tribute to your sheroes and heroes on IWD at Rose Hill Florist in Nashville, Tennessee.

Female Family Members

Life can be pretty hectic these days, but those little moments of celebrating the incredible women in your family make the hustle totally worthwhile. To that end, International Women’s Day is a great excuse to send some love and warmth to your grandmothers, mothers, sisters, and aunts, even if miles separate you. These ladies have been your rock since day one, and surprising them with a fresh and fragrant bouquet is a legit way to show appreciation. It says, “Hey, you mean the world to me, and I’m so grateful for you!”

Your Biggest Supporters

International Women’s Day is an occasion for putting women first, but you can also shout out any of the wonderful folks who’ve made a difference in your life. These allies, whether family members, your SO, or your closest pals, have been majorly supportive, stanning women’s causes and fighting the good fight. IWD is the perfect day to give them props for their dedication. Sending them a thoughtfully put-together floral arrangement says, “You rock,” and lets them know how much their actions and intentions matter.

Mentors and Teachers

On International Women’s Day, show some love to the teachers who’ve had a huge influence on you. These folks quietly shaped your life journey for years, and it’s high time they get the recognition they deserve. Think back to your middle school math teacher who saw your potential before anyone else did. Or the high school French teacher who planted the travel bug in you. And of course, that college professor who made physics the coolest subject on the planet. Their lessons stick with you forever, so send them fresh flowers as a token of your gratitude.

Inspiring Co-Workers

It’s a boss move to give some sunshine to your favorite colleagues on International Women’s Day, helping to build a solid office squad. When you take a moment to give props to the inspiring ladies and allies in your workplace, it’s saying, “You’re the real deal, and I’m so glad we collaborate!” These amazing coworkers help everyone’s career growth, including yours. So send them bougie floral love to zhush up their desk. It’s a cool way to show thanks for their leadership, ambition, and all the good stuff they bring to the job.


Wait a minute – sending yourself a bouquet of blooms on International Women’s Day isn’t selfish; it’s a major win for self-love! It’s about celebrating your journey and all the awesome stuff you’ve accomplished. Flowers aren’t just pleasing to the eye; they’re also a natural mood booster, decreasing stress levels and cranking up happy vibes. Plus, happiness is contagious, so you’re sharing that feel-good energy with everyone you meet. Feeling worthy and owning your worth in a world chock-full of comparisons? That’s the flex we’re looking for.

At Rose Hill Florist, we believe that flowers are more than just pretty petals; they’re a heartfelt way to say “thank you” to the women and allies who’ve had your back. Let your appreciation bloom this International Women’s Day!

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