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White ceramic container style may vary. Containers are measured by diameter. So, a 6" container will be 6 inches across, measured at the top of the container. Variety and type of plant may vary due to seasonal availability.

Dracaena Combo

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This Dracaena Combo is a mix of Dracaena Marginata Cane, Dracaena Lemon Lime, and a stunning corn plant (Dracaena fragrans) presented in an 8" or 10" white ceramic container. Dracaena's are some of the easiest and most common houseplants available. Its sleek, modern appearance and air-purifying qualities make it a popular choice for any space.

Only water your Dracaena plant when the surface of the soil gets dry. The ideal indoor location for this plant is near a window with filtered sunlight. Too little light will result in the leaves losing their color variegation and might stunt the plant's growth. Exposure to direct sun can burn the plant's leaves and cause them to wilt. Outdoors, the plant does best in a shadier spot.

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