Hanging wreath made out of bird seed.

Wildfare Wreath by Mr. Bird

Solid 9” seed and nut wreath that is ALMOST too pretty to feed to the birds. Rich with safflower, peanuts, tree nuts, black oil sunflower, and white millet. Decorated with a darling butterfly and lavender raffia.

What could be better than seeing more birds and a greater variety of birds in your yard?

The Wildfare Wreath by Mr. Bird, is now gracing the collection at Rose Hill Flowers. This isn't just a wreath; it's a celebration of nature's bounty, masterfully compressed into a 9-inch circle of sustenance for our feathered friends. With a blend as rich as safflower, peanuts, tree nuts, black oil sunflower, and white millet, it's a veritable feast that invites a parade of chirping revelers right to your doorstep. Adorned with a charming butterfly and wrapped in delicate lavender raffia, this wreath is a feast for the eyes as much as it is for the birds. It's a statement of care and love for the natural world, bridging the human touch and wild grace.

Imagine the joy of watching a flurry of activity as colorful visitors from nearby woods and skies descend upon this edible gift. Each peck and nibble nourishes them and enlivens your garden with the kinetic artistry of flitting wings. It's an opportunity to witness the diversity of avian life, all thanks to a simple act of generosity. This Wildfare Wreath is a delightful invitation to enhance your outdoor space, engage with local wildlife, and support the ecosystem, making your yard a favored destination on the birds' daily foraging route.

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