Spring bird house made out of bird seed.

Owl Bird Seed Ornament

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This Woodland Friends—Owl solid seed, nut, and fruit wild bird treat is a darling gift for anyone. Each has a hanger included and is totally edible. Premium seeds make these irresistible to birds and are loved by all your “woodland friends.”

The Owl Bird Seed Ornament from Rose Hill Flowers in Nashville, TN, is a charming and thoughtful gift for nature lovers and feathered friends visiting their gardens. This handcrafted ornament is a delightful depiction of an owl made entirely of solid seeds, nuts, and fruits. Not only does it serve as an adorable addition to any outdoor space, but it also offers a nutritious feast for wild birds. This ornament is designed to be both visually appealing and entirely edible and has a built-in hanger for easy display. Hung from a branch or a hook, it effortlessly blends into the natural woodland environment. The use of premium seeds ensures that it is irresistible to various birds, making it a bustling hub of activity as your "woodland friends" come to partake in the bounty.

Gift this Owl Bird Seed Ornament to someone special, and they'll be able to enjoy watching birds flock to their garden, turning it into a lively sanctuary. It's a gift that gives back to nature and provides endless moments of joy as birds of all types gather to enjoy a meal. With its dual purpose of decor and wildlife support, it’s no wonder this unique creation is loved by all who receive it.

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