Lucille Cheerleader Soft Figure Halloween Decor

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By Artist Joe Spence. You should display Lucille, the pumpkin cheerleader, around your house each game day!

Each collectible figure has a hand-painted face to provide realistic, intricate detail. Because each doll is hand-crafted, it will have its own unique look—no two pieces will look exactly alike!

Lucille Cheerleader, the delightful pumpkin cheerleader soft figure, is a festive and charming Halloween decor item available at Rose Hill Flowers in Nashville, TN. Crafted by the skilled artist Joe Spence, Lucille embodies the spirit of game days and the excitement of the Halloween season with her unique and playful design. Lucille stands out with her hand-painted face, featuring meticulous attention to detail that brings her character to life with an inviting and mischievous smile. Her outfit is equally impressive, decorated in a vibrant orange sweater and a black and orange tutu that perfectly captures traditional Halloween colors. Her ensemble is completed with striped leggings and tiny black shoes, making her the epitome of a Halloween cheerleader.

Thanks to the hand-crafted nature of each piece, owning a Lucille Cheerleader figure means you possess a one-of-a-kind item. Each doll varies slightly, ensuring that no two are alike, adding to their collectible charm. Lucille is not just a decoration but a standout piece that can bring a touch of whimsy and personality to any room during the festive season. Whether perched on a shelf or greeting guests by the door, she’s sure to bring a smile to everyone’s face and enhance your Halloween decor with her spirited presence.

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