Listen With Your Heart 21" Wind Chime

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Each tube reads, "Listen with your heart, we're never far apart."

21" Sonnet chimes have four heavy-walled, center-pinned tubes that emit sweet, gentle tones. They are all aluminum construction, durable powder-coated and anodized finish, and strung with industrial cord. Each chime has an adjustable striker. Sentiment is printed directly onto the tubes.

Let the gentle symphony of the 'Listen With Your Heart' 21" Wind Chime from Rose Hill Flowers be soothing in your haven. Each chime is a delicate whisper in the breeze, a reminder of the unspoken bonds that connect us, with the tender message, "Listen with your heart, we're never far apart," inscribed upon its tubes, transforming every gust into a soft conversation. Crafted with meticulous care, these 21" Sonnet chimes feature four heavy-walled, center-pinned tubes that produce sweet and gentle tones, melodies that carry the heart's messages on the wind. Made from all aluminum, they boast a durable powder-coated and anodized finish that ensures a long life of melodies. Strung with an industrial cord, each chime is built to last through seasons, singing the same beautiful song year after year.

The adjustable striker allows you to find the perfect tone that resonates with your soul. As the wind dances through the chime, let the printed sentiment across the tubes be a heartfelt reminder that love and memories are eternal whispers in our hearts.

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