No. 79 Lemon Leaf & Basil

Envision yourself in the middle of an herb garden at sunset. The combination of aromatic basil, Meyer lemon, and wild lily on the breeze creates a refreshing and comforting atmosphere.

7oz poured candle in glass

Approximately 50 hours of burn time

Soy blend wax

The No 79 Lemon Leaf & Basil candle from Rose Hill Flowers invites you to a sensory escape to an herb garden bathed in the warm glow of sunset. This 7oz poured candle encased in a simple yet elegant glass vessel captures the essence of a tranquil retreat where the zest of Meyer lemon, the crispness of sweet basil, and the delicate fragrance of wild lily intermingle in the evening air. Crafted with soy blend wax, this candle promises approximately 50 hours of burn time, each moment filled with a refreshing and comforting ambiance that can transform any space into a serene haven. The Lemon Leaf & Basil scent is more than just a fragrance; it's an experience—a fresh, invigorating breeze that enhances your home with a feeling of cleanliness and nature's aroma.

Light this candle to accompany a relaxing bath, to set the mood for a dinner, or to enjoy a moment of peace. As the flame dances and the scents unfurl, let the day's worries melt away. This No 79 Lemon Leaf & Basil candle is not just about lighting up a room but kindling a sense of joy and tranquility that can only come from the perfect blend of nature's scents.

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