Hibiscus Prosecco Scented Trapp Candle

No. 75 Hibiscus Prosecco

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An intoxicating fusion of Hawaiian hibiscus and ripe pomelo is paired with fruity prosecco. Vanilla-infused honey adds warmth and balance to this floral indulgence.

7oz poured candle in glass

Approximately 50 hours of burn time

Soy blend wax

Let the No. 75 Hibiscus Prosecco candle from Rose Hill Flowers whisk you to a lush, tropical paradise with each flickering flame. This scent is a masterful mosaic, where the delicate notes of Hawaiian hibiscus interweave with the zesty allure of ripe pomelo, embodying the spirit of a celebratory toast under the warm Hawaiian sun. Infused with a luxurious soy blend wax, the heart of the fragrance blooms with a heady mix of fruity prosecco, effervescent and bright, capturing the essence of spontaneous joy. Meanwhile, the creamy sweetness of vanilla-infused honey drizzles through, adding a warm, comforting finish that lingers like the setting sun on a perfect day.

Encased in an elegant glass, this 7oz candle promises to deliver approximately 50 hours of burn time, filling your space with an intoxicating symphony of floral and inviting scents. It's more than a candle – a fragrant journey to a far-off isle, a lingering reminder of nature's nectar's sweet simplicity and luxury.

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