Defense Dan Soft Figure Halloween Decor

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By Artist Joe Spence. You will want to display Defense Dan, the pumpkin football player, around your house each game day! 

Each collectible figure has a hand-painted face to provide realistic, intricate detail. Because each doll is hand-crafted, it will have its own unique look—no two pieces will look exactly alike!

Defense Dan, a captivating soft figure Halloween decor from Rose Hill Flowers in Nashville, TN, is the creation of the talented artist Joe Spence. This charming pumpkin football player makes a festive and sporty addition to any home, especially on game days throughout the fall season. Dan is dressed in a mustard-yellow knitted sweater and black shorts, clutching a classic brown football, ready for action. His outfit is completed with striped socks and rugged black shoes, emphasizing his athletic theme. The careful attention to detail is evident in Dan's hand-painted face, which features expressive green eyes, a playful smile, and sporty black paint marks under his eyes, adding to his game-ready appearance.

Each Defense Dan figure is unique due to its handcrafted nature, ensuring that no two figures are exactly alike. This individuality makes each Dan a decoration and a collectible work of art. He is perfect for anyone looking to bring a bit of whimsy and a lot of character to their fall decor, celebrating the fun and excitement of football season with a delightful Halloween twist. Defense Dan is sure to catch the eye and win over hearts with his adorable and spirited demeanor, whether perched on a mantel, shelf, or table.

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