Cozy Plush- Dino Hug

Warmies® Hugs is a super cute microwavable duo that is gently scented with French lavender. Their arms wrap around each other and attach with Velcro making them perfect for mixing and matching to other Warmies® Hugs characters. You can also attach them anywhere and bring them with you on the go. Warmies® Hugs are TWO cute not to LOVE.

The Cozy Plush Dino Hug from Rose Hill Flowers is an adorable set that promises to spread smiles and warmth. This delightful duo, colored in the vibrant shades of a mystical ocean and the lush canopy of a prehistoric forest, offers a touch of whimsy and the comforting scent of French lavender. Once gently warmed in the microwave, these plush dinosaurs release a soothing aroma that invites relaxation and tranquility. Designed with Velcro arms, these dinos can hug each other or cling to other Warmies® Hugs characters, creating a versatile and interactive experience. Whether it's for a child's playful imagination or as a charming companion on the go, these cuddly creatures are sure to become fast friends.

But the charm of these plush pals isn't just in their playful appearance or calming fragrance. They embody the tender embrace of friendship and the fun of mix-and-match companionship. Perfect for both the young and the young at heart, these Warmies® Hugs are indeed "TWO cute not to LOVE," offering a unique combination of comfort, playfulness, and a hint of nostalgia for the simpler joys of childhood.

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