Lovely 38

Cardinals Appear 38" Sonnet Chime

Chime tubes read, "Cardinals appear when angels are near."

The 38" Picturesque Sonnet Chimes feature powder-coated aluminum construction and UV-printed tubes with industrial cord. Five heavy-walled tubes that emit gentle tones that are pleasing to the ear. 1 1/4" Diameter Tubes - Adjustable Striker

The Cardinals Appear 38" Sonnet Chime from Rose Hill Flowers in Nashville, TN, is a striking piece that combines visual beauty with the serene sounds of nature. Each chime tube is adorned with a delicate design of cardinals and blooms, creating not just a wind chime but a piece of art that gently sways and sings with the breeze. At 38 inches, this sonnet chime makes an elegant statement in any garden, porch, or patio setting. Crafted with care, the chime’s gentle music reminds us of loved ones who are missed but not forgotten. The cardinal, a symbol often associated with bearing messages from the spirit realm, is a comforting presence that signals that a departed loved one is near when seen. This melodic tribute is tuned to produce soft, rich notes that provide a background of tranquility and peace to any moment of reflection.

More than a simple outdoor decoration, the Cardinals Appear chime is a gift of remembrance, a soothing presence in the daily lives of those who hear it. With each note the wind plays, it's a prompt to pause, reflect, and cherish the memories of times spent with those we hold dear.

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