Antique Gold Angel Holding a Dove in her Hands

Antique Gold Angel

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This 11" antique gold angel holding a dove in her hands would make the perfect memorial gift and a lasting keepsake.

Enveloped in a serene antique gold finish, this 11-inch tall angel from Rose Hill Flowers captures the essence of ethereal grace and enduring spirit. A divine guardian crafted with intricate detail, she holds a peaceful dove in her hands, a timeless symbol of hope and the human soul's freedom. Her wings, majestic and detailed, seem to whisper tales of heavenly care and comfort. Standing as a gentle reminder of everlasting love and protection, she serves as the perfect memorial gift. With every graceful curve and the soft, lustrous glow of her antique gold patina, this angel becomes more than just a keepsake; she becomes a cherished emblem of remembrance and a beacon of solace for those who gaze upon her. As an addition to any home, she brings with her an air of tranquility and a reminder of the precious memories shared with loved ones. In moments of reflection or celebration, she stands as an elegant tribute, a beautiful way to honor the memory of someone special and hold them close to the heart.

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