Sympathy wreath on a stand in different shades of roses, gerbera daisies and more. A lovely statement piece.


This beautiful sympathy wreath is on a stand and features yellow, orange, and green flowers.

Step into a world vibrant with color and alive with emotion with the 'Splendor Wreath' from Rose Hill Flowers, where every flower tells a story of celebration and tribute. This magnificent sympathy wreath is a testament to a life of zest and passion, a circle of love and continuity on its dignified stand. Let your gaze wander across the rich tapestry of yellow, the color of sunshine and warmth, as it mingles with the spirited shades of orange, embodying the fire of sunsets and the strength within. Greenery weaves throughout, symbolizing renewal and the unending cycle of life. These aren't just blooms; they're a bold chorus of life's most triumphant melodies, each petal, each leaf, a note in harmony.

Gerberas beam like radiant suns, roses unfurl with elegance, and the unique textures of green blossoms add depth and complexity to this floral embrace. The 'Splendor Wreath' is more than a tribute; it’s a celebration of life's brightest moments, an uplifting presence in times of sorrow, and a colorful journey through cherished memories.

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