Garden Standing Spray with Wind Chimes

Wind Chime Garden

Beautifully display a 30" Wind Chime Memorial Gift on an easel. It features fresh floral swag with ribbon. Perfect for displaying for the service while sending a memorial gift for the family to enjoy for years to come, wind chimes include an uplifting message printed on each tube. Please view the complete wind chime collection for additional details.

The Wind Chime Garden from Rose Hill Flowers offers a stirring and lasting tribute, beautifully presenting a 30" wind chime memorial gift harmonizing with nature's whispers. This poignant display is mounted on an easel, graced by a fresh floral swag intertwined with an elegant ribbon, crafting a picturesque homage for the service. The florals chosen are a symphony of colors, with each bloom meticulously selected to evoke comfort and serenity. Cascading greens set the stage for flowers in hues of calming blues and pure whites, creating a soothing visual melody that resonates with the soulful chimes. This arrangement not only enhances the service with its beauty but also provides the family with a memorial gift that will continue to echo the memories of their loved ones for years to come. Each wind chime tube carries an uplifting message, a comforting reminder of enduring love and presence. With its musical tones, the wind chime becomes a messenger of peace and reflection, a gentle nudge to remember the shared beautiful moments. For a complete look at the soul-stirring messages and design details, the full wind chime collection awaits your viewing, offering a choice for every memory and a melody for every heart.

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