Sympathy spray in whites and blues featuring lilies, mums, hydrangea, roses and more.


Blue Sky

This lovely standing spray features lilies, roses, hydrangeas, mums, and more in shades of blue and white.

 The Blue Sky standing spray from Rose Hill Flowers is a majestic display reminiscent of a serene sky on a perfect day. It's a poetic ensemble of lilies, roses, hydrangeas, and mums, all arranged in harmonious shades of blue and white. This floral tribute stands as a beacon of remembrance, a testament to tranquility and the timeless beauty of nature. White lilies unfurl their petals with a grace that captures the essence of purity and peace, while the classic beauty of white roses speaks a silent language of love and reverence. Hydrangeas, with their lush, globe-like clusters, bring a fullness to the arrangement, symbolizing heartfelt emotions. Mums add a delicate intricacy, their myriad of petals offering comfort in their complexity.

Set against the backdrop of rich greens, the blue hues within the spray mirror the infinite expanse of the sky, offering a sense of calm and contemplation. The Blue Sky spray is a fitting tribute for farewells, a symbol of hope that stretches beyond the horizon, offering solace and a gentle reminder of the eternal blue skies that lie ahead.

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