Vibrant Sympathy Spray


This colorful, vibrant sympathy spray features roses, lilies, and other vibrant flowers and will be a beautiful focal point at the service.

The Vibrant Standing Spray from Rose Hill Flowers in Nashville, TN, is a symphony of colors, a bold and beautiful tribute to celebrate the life and spirit of a loved one. This standing spray bursts with a spectrum of vibrant hues, each flower meticulously selected to create a visual representation of a life lived in full color. Central to this spray are the enchanting roses and lilies, the roses in vivid oranges reflecting passion and energy, while the lilies in bright yellows convey joy and the beauty of shared moments. Complementing these are sprigs of deep blue and purple flowers, perhaps delphiniums or statice, adding depth and a touch of serene dignity to the arrangement.

The array of greenery interspersed throughout the spray provides a lush backdrop, allowing each bloom to stand out, much like the unique qualities that stand out in the memories of those who knew and loved the departed.

Designed to be a beautiful focal point at the service, the Vibrant Standing Spray is more than just an arrangement of flowers—it's a celebration of life's brightest moments, an homage to the richness of shared stories, and a poignant reminder of the joy that remains in the hearts of those who mourn.

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