The Eyes Have It

Je t'aime!  Te quiero!  Ich liebe dich!  I LOVE YOU!

Regardless how you say it, this stunning double stem mini Phalaenopsis Orchid places the exclamation point on the statement! The orchid is presented in a lovely heart-eye ceramic footed pot.

Behold 'The Eyes Have It,' a charming double-stem mini Phalaenopsis Orchid that whispers sweet nothings in the universal language of love. Brought to you by the passionate artisans at Rose Hill Flowers in Nashville, TN, this living art piece is a testament to the timeless phrase "I love you," no matter how it's said. Nestled in a whimsical heart-eye ceramic footed pot, this orchid exudes joy and adoration with its playful container that smiles back at you, inviting a daily dose of happiness. The elegant arch of the mini Phalaenopsis Orchid's stems dances with a delicate grace, while the pristine white blooms, with their blush of yellow at the heart, mirror the stars sparkling in the night sky.

It's not just a floral gift; it's a message, a declaration that resonates with a resounding exclamation point. Gift 'The Eyes Have It' to kindle a spark or to fan the flames of a blooming romance. Let this exquisite orchid be the silent yet profound ambassador of your affection.

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