Vase covered in sequin bling filled with bright roses.

Sparkling Roses

Our sequined vase filled with two dozen roses in your choice of orange, pink, or red shades!

Step into a world where glamour and nature’s beauty intertwine with the 'Sparkling Roses' from Rose Hill Flowers. This breathtaking arrangement is a love letter written in the language of roses, two dozen in number, each selected for their rich hue and velvety petals. They are available in shades that speak to the heart's desires: the passionate red, the warm and inviting orange, or the sweetly romantic pink. Cradling these blooms is a vase that truly dazzles, covered in sequins that catch the light and twinkle like stars in the night sky. It's a statement piece that goes beyond the traditional, turning an already beautiful bouquet into an extravagant display of affection and elegance.

Whether it's a grand gesture for a loved one, a centerpiece for a celebration, or simply a way to add a splash of luxury to your living space, the 'Sparkling Roses' arrangement brings together the best of opulence and the organic. This ensemble promises to stand out and leave a lasting impression of sophistication and style as timeless as the roses themselves.

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