Roses and Ivy

Roses and Ivy sympathy wreath

The Roses & Ivy wreath from Rose Hill Flowers is an abundant declaration of admiration and reverence. This luxuriant wreath, generously adorned with the splendor of roses in full bloom, is a rich tapestry of emotion and natural beauty.  The striking contrast of red and pink roses against the lush, verdant ivy creates a stunning visual feast. The red roses, a classic symbol of enduring love and respect, stand out with their velvety depth and passion, while the softer hues of the pink roses bring a gentle warmth and tenderness to the arrangement. Intertwined with the roses, the ivy represents fidelity and eternal life; its evergreen strands are a testament to lasting memories.

Accents of pure white hydrangeas intersperse the vivid colors, offering a touch of tranquility and peace. This wreath is not just an arrangement; it is a heartfelt embrace, a full circle of love that honors a life with every petal and leaf. 

Positioned upon a sturdy easel, Roses & Ivy is a fitting tribute to grace, any service with dignity, and a symbol of the beauty that memories hold, forever fresh and evergreen.

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