Oversized frog mylar, plush warmie frog and shortbread cookie gift set.

Ribbiting Frog Trio

This Ribbiting Frog Collection includes a 30" oversized frog balloon, a plush frog Warmie, and an 8oz bag of mouth-watering shortbread with aromatic Madagascar Vanilla Bean. 

Leap into a world of whimsy with the Ribbiting Frog Trio from Rose Hill Flowers, an enchanting ensemble designed to bring smiles and joy to any occasion. At the heart of this collection is a 30-inch oversized frog balloon bursting with personality and charm. Its brilliant green hue and cheerful smile will surely be a high-flying hit, whether floating above a festive gathering or brightening up a room. Cuddly companionship comes in the form of a plush frog Warmie, soft to the touch and ready to deliver comfort and warmth. This adorable plush pal can be heated to become a cozy friend, perfect for snuggles and relaxation. This trio includes an 8-oz bag of mouthwatering shortbread cookies to tantalize the taste buds. Each bite of these buttery delights, infused with the rich flavor of aromatic Madagascar Vanilla Bean, promises a scrumptious treat that pairs delightfully with a cup of tea or a warm glass of milk.

The Ribbiting Frog Trio from Rose Hill Flowers is a delightful combination of playfulness and indulgence. It is an ideal gift to send a hoppy note of love, celebration, or comfort. Whether for the young or the young at heart, this trio brings together the best of whimsy, warmth, and sweet treats for a truly unforgettable experience.

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