Mini Calla Lilies in Elegant Vase

NOTE: Calla color may vary due to availability.

Picasso Mini Callas

A lovely vase of mini calla lilies available in white, pink, and other assorted colors. 

The Picasso Mini Callas from Rose Hill Flowers is a striking arrangement that exudes modern sophistication and an artist's flair for color and form. This elegant vase of mini calla lilies, available in a stunning array of hues, including pure white, delicate pink, and other assorted colors, captures the imagination and elevates any space it adorns. Each calla lily in the Picasso Mini Callas collection is a work of art. Its sleek and graceful form taper to a delicate point, while the rolled edges reveal a hint of contrasting color, reminiscent of the masterful strokes of its namesake. The lilies' vibrant colors are beautifully offset by the deep, rich greens of their stems, creating a visual dance of elegance and poise.

Nestled within a clear vase, these mini calla lilies celebrate nature's beauty, making them an ideal gift for art lovers or a stunning statement piece for contemporary homes. Whether it’s to express admiration, celebrate an occasion, or to add a touch of refined beauty to your day, the Picasso Mini Callas from Rose Hill Flowers is sure to leave a lasting impression with its captivating charm.

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