Stunning arrangement of red roses, pink spray roses, hydrangea and more plus an ostrich feather to top it off!

Perfect Love

Let your Valentine know that they are your Perfect Love! Our finest pink Ecuadorian roses are carefully hand-selected and arranged with hydrangea, scabiosa, veronica, snapdragons, and beautiful eucalyptus. 

The container is a lovely light pink oval vase measuring 5.5" x 5.5" x 7.5".

Step into the realm of "Perfect Love," an exquisite creation from the heart of Rose Hill Flowers in Nashville, TN. This arrangement is a symphony of nature's finest, where each note is a petal, and every bloom sings of adoration. It's an ode to the timeless elegance of pink Ecuadorian roses, selected with an eye for grace and a heart for warmth. These roses stand proudly at the center of the arrangement, their blushing petals unfolding like the tender embrace of a lover. The roses are accompanied by the serene beauty of hydrangea, adding a cloud-like softness to the ensemble. With its intricate detail, Scabiosa weaves in a touch of whimsical charm, while spikes of veronica lend a hint of wild, untamed joy. Snapdragons reach upwards, symbolizing the strength and resilience of love, as rich eucalyptus cascades around, its silver-blue leaves whispering the secrets of a lasting bond.

Presenting "Perfect Love" is not just about celebrating Valentine's Day; it's about capturing the essence of a bond as enduring as beautiful. With every glance, let your Valentine be reminded that they are cherished, today and always, with a sentiment as enduring as the timeless flowers it's composed of.

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