Tribute wreath of pastel pink, lavender, blue and green flowers on a standing easel

Pastel Tribute

On a stand, this beautiful wreath of pastel colors will lovingly grace any service as a memorable tribute.

The Pastel Tribute wreath from Rose Hill Flowers in Nashville, TN, is a symphony of soft hues and tender blossoms crafted with the utmost care to tenderly grace any memorial service. This exquisite wreath is a circle of solace woven with the threads of compassion and remembrance. It is a serene sentinel, celebrating life with the gentle touch of pastel petals. Each bloom has been chosen for its delicate beauty and symbolic meaning, creating a palette that whispers of peaceful memories and quiet joys. Blush pink roses offer a heartwarming embrace, while the deeper pinks speak of gratitude and appreciation. Lavender roses and hydrangeas add a touch of serenity and grace, and the creamy yellows of soft carnations and mellow snapdragons bring a comforting light to the arrangement.

Elegantly displayed on a stand, the Pastel Tribute wreath presents an air of dignified beauty. Its presence is a soft yet poignant reminder of the everlasting beauty of life and the subtle yet enduring bonds of love. This wreath from Rose Hill Flowers is a floral offering, a whisper of colors, a brushstroke of emotions, and a loving testament to a cherished life.

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