Orchid Squared

Elegance squared is even more elegant! This impressive, square clay and white glazed pottery cube is filled with two, double-stemmed Phalaenopsis Orchids, supported by two, double-crossed bamboo stakes. Perfect for any occasion, this orchid and it's abundance of blooms will double the beauty of any décor.

Step into a realm of serene beauty with "Orchid Squared" from Rose Hill Flowers—a testament to the timeless elegance of the Phalaenopsis Orchid. Envision a pair of double-stemmed orchids, their ivory petals unfolding like a sequence of delicate whispers; each bloom a testament to nature's quiet grandeur. Poised with effortless grace, these orchids stand tall, cradled by an intricate ballet of double-crossed bamboo stakes that rise like golden scaffolds. These botanical treasures are nestled within a modern square clay and white glazed pottery cube, a vessel that marries the rawness of earth with the sheen of artistry. The juxtaposition of textures—smooth glaze and rough clay, tender bloom, and sturdy bamboo—creates a landscape of contrast, an ode to the diversity of beauty.

"Orchid Squared" is not just a floral arrangement; it's a dual promise of living art that doubles the allure of any space it inhabits. Perfect for gracing an occasion with its quiet sophistication or to lavish an everyday space with double the elegance.

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