A lovely arrangement with earthy, nature tones that is perfect for a cremation urn or box.

NOTE: Candle not included. Flower color and selection may vary based on seasonal availability.


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This lovely arrangement, with earthy, natural tones reflecting the garden spirit, is a perfect floral tribute for a cremation urn or box.

Our "Nature" arrangement at Rose Hill Flowers is a heartfelt tribute that embodies the tranquil essence of a garden's spirit. This exquisite composition is designed to gracefully accompany a cremation urn or box, offering comfort with its earthy tones and the gentle touch of nature's beauty.

In this arrangement, we've gathered blooms that speak the language of the outdoors: the fiery hues of orange roses, the sky mimicry in the delicate blue delphiniums, and the deep reds of tropical anthuriums. Each flower has been chosen for its unique beauty and symbolism, creating a tapestry of garden splendor that resonates with the life cycle and the serene finality of a farewell. A single, dignified candle is central to the design, radiating a warm, gentle light, a beacon of remembrance amidst the flora. The greens that frame the blossoms are as varied as the leaves in a forest, from the delicate fronds of ferns to the lush foliage of exotic palms.

This arrangement is more than a floral tribute; it's a celebration of a life lived in harmony with nature, an echo of footsteps through a forest, a whisper of memories on a gentle breeze. It's a way to send off a loved one with the peace and beauty that only nature can genuinely provide.

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