Gold ceramic bowl with red roses, hypericum and eucalyptus.

NOTE: Container will be a 4x4 brushed gold cylinder.

My Golden Heart

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What a great way to show love to that special someone! This gold-leaf-lined cylinder with red roses, hypericum, and eucalyptus is sure to let them know you care!

"My Golden Heart" is a resplendent floral expression from Rose Hill Flowers that radiates love and adoration. It's a luxurious token designed to convey the richness of your affections with a touch of opulence. Housed in a cylinder adorned with gold leaf, the arrangement is lavish and warm, a golden embrace for that special person in your life. The centerpiece of this stunning arrangement is the red roses, each bloom a classic symbol of love and passion. Clusters of hypericum berries exquisitely complement the roses, their rich color echoing the deep emotions the bouquet represents. Adding to the lush texture and visual interest, sprigs of eucalyptus meander through the arrangement, their silvery-green leaves imparting a fresh scent and a sense of calm.

"My Golden Heart" is more than a gift; it’s a statement. A statement that says, "You are cherished." It’s perfect for anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, or just because of moments. Lovingly put together in Nashville, this arrangement doesn't just speak of love; it sings it—a melodious hymn from the heart.

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