Vase of lilies in your choice of white, buttercream yellow, or pink.

NOTE: Container may vary. Lily variety may vary and may impact color shown.

Mont Blanc

Stunning vase of Lilies.  Available with white lilies, buttercream yellow lilies, or pink lilies.

Immerse yourself in the pristine beauty of the Mont Blanc arrangement from Rose Hill Flowers. This exquisite design is a breathtaking cascade of lilies, each petal unfurling with the promise of elegance and purity. Available in a serene palette of colors - the classic white, the warm buttercream yellow, or the soft blush of pink - there's a hue to capture every heart and suit every occasion. White lilies are synonymous with grace and sophistication, making an unspoken statement of refined luxury. The buttercream yellow lilies radiate warmth and joy, perfect for infusing any space with a sunny disposition. Pink lilies, with their gentle color, evoke a sense of playfulness and romance, a delightful choice to express affection or to celebrate moments of joy.

Nestled within a statuesque vase, this arrangement reaches towards the heavens, mirroring the towering grandeur of its namesake, the majestic Mont Blanc. The lilies are complemented by lush foliage, creating a full and verdant base that further accentuates the floral spectacle. Mont Blanc by Rose Hill Flowers isn't just a floral arrangement; it's a celebration of natural beauty, an ode to the enchantment of lilies, and a true representation of floral artistry. Whether for a breathtaking centerpiece, a majestic entryway display, or a gesture of profound sentiment, Mont Blanc is a testament to timeless elegance.

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