Exotic Birds of Paradise Arrangement

NOTE: Cube color WILL vary

Mini Vacation

Striking Birds of Paradise in a cube. Great for an office desk, nightstand, or end table. 

Cube color WILL vary.

The Mini Vacation arrangement from Rose Hill Flowers is a compact burst of tropical splendor that captures the essence of an exotic getaway. It's designed to transport you to a place where the sun kisses the horizon, and the colors of nature dazzle the senses. Centered around the striking Birds of Paradise, whose vibrant orange and purple blooms evoke the dazzling feathers of its namesake, this piece is a miniature escape to paradise itself. Perfectly suited for an office desk, a cozy nightstand, or as an eye-catching centerpiece on an end table, this arrangement doesn't just decorate a space; it transforms it into a haven of inspiration and tranquility. The sleek, architectural beauty of the Birds of Paradise stands tall as if reaching for the sun's warmth, while the greenery at the base grounds the arrangement in lush, verdant life.

Presented in a stylish cube vase, whose color may vary to complement the fiery hues of the flowers, this Mini Vacation is an enduring reminder of the beauty that lies in distant lands, brought into your personal or professional space. It's an invitation to take a moment, breathe in the beauty, and indulge in a daily dose of serenity, courtesy of our creative touch at Rose Hill Flowers.

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