Lemongrass Verbena Scented Trapp Candle

No. 10 Lemongrass Verbena

The Lemongrass Verbena candle combines crisp citrus notes extracted from Asian lemongrass complemented by Brazilian verbena and softened with base notes of vanilla.

7 oz poured candle in glass

Approximately 50 hours of burn time

Soy blend wax

Awaken your senses with Rose Hill Flowers' No. 10 Lemongrass Verbena candle, a fragrant ode to the zesty whispers of Asian lemongrass, perfectly blended with the refreshing zest of Brazilian verbena. Each flame kindles a journey to a verdant countryside, where the air is infused with the pure essence of citrus groves under the warmth of a golden sun. The candle unfurls its aromatic notes in layers with every burn—a crisp, refreshing start. This heart dances between herbaceous and citrusy and a foundation of Indonesian vanilla that comforts like a soft, lingering embrace. This soy wax candle, poured precisely into a sleek glass vessel, is a crafted experience. This small luxury promises to transform any room into a serene sanctuary for up to 50 enchanting hours.

It's not just a candle; it's an everyday luxury, a moment of calm amid the hustle of life, a gift to yourself or a beloved friend. Light it to set the stage for meditation, relaxation, or infuse your space with the unmistakable, bright scent of nature's perfumery.

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