White Roses arranged with Decorative Green Berries

Irish Roses

For a touch of class, choose this mix of pure white roses arranged against a background of decorative green berries. A graceful arrangement that is pleasing to the eye, suitable for a man or a woman. A clear glass vase, filled with a bouquet of white and spray roses, accented with hypericum. Approximately 12" (W) x 12" (H)

Embrace the serene beauty of these Irish Roses from Rose Hill Flowers, where elegance meets simplicity in a symphony of white. This arrangement is a refined selection that speaks volumes with its understated charm and grace. Nestled within a clear glass vase, the pure white roses stand proudly, their crisp, clean petals unfolding like a whisper. They are accompanied by delicate spray roses, their smaller blooms offering a textured contrast that enchants the senses.

Accents of hypericum berries add a touch of the Irish countryside, their green hue reminiscent of rolling hills and rustic landscapes. This carefully curated bouquet, approximately twelve inches in width and height, is a tribute to classic tastes and timeless affections. Whether as a symbol of respect for a gentleman or a lady or as a centerpiece gracing the table of an elegant event, these Irish Roses carry the message of purity, unity, and heartfelt sincerity.

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