Mix of Blooming European Gardens in Nice Gift Basket

NOTE: Plants will vary. **Photo shown is 4 plant basket**

European Garden with Blooming Plant

Basket in wicker or grapevine with 2,3 or 4 green plants and an added blooming plant for color.

**Photo shows four plant baskets**

The European Garden with Blooming Plant from Rose Hill Flowers is a lush greenery and color oasis that brings a well-tended garden's serene beauty into any space. Presented in a basket of natural wicker or grapevine, this arrangement is a thoughtful curation of green plants paired with the delightful surprise of a blooming plant.

This miniature garden comes in options of two, three, or four robust green plants, each selected for its texture and vitality. These may include the elegant leaves of a peace lily, the sculptural beauty of a fern, and the glossy foliage of a Schefflera, creating a tapestry of greens that's both soothing and refreshing to the eye. The added blooming plant, such as a purple azalea, injects a burst of color, enlivening the collection with its vibrant flowers. Each European Garden with Blooming Plant is adorned with a tasteful ribbon, enhancing its visual appeal. This living basket is more than a gift; it's a portable sanctuary that purifies the air and nurtures the soul. Whether for a housewarming, a thank you gesture, or to brighten someone's day, this arrangement from Rose Hill Flowers epitomizes nature's restorative beauty.

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