Arrangement of bright summertime flowers with a lovely urn in the center.

NOTE: Flower color and selection may vary based on seasonal availability.

Eternal Harmony

This elegant arrangement features a collection of summertime flowers reflecting the garden spirit. It is a perfect floral tribute for a cremation urn.

"Eternal Harmony" from Rose Hill Flowers is a floral composition that sings of summer's splendor, making it a perfect companion to a cremation urn. This arrangement is a heartfelt tribute, encapsulating the garden spirit in its rich tapestry of blooms. In this elegant display, sunflowers stand tall like beacons of light, their bright faces symbolizing loyalty and adoration. They are complemented by the deep reds of gerberas and roses, flowers of love and reverence, which add depth and emotion to the tribute. The delicate dance of blue delphiniums and snapdragons introduces a touch of serenity, echoing the vast summer sky above a vibrant garden.

The arrangement is thoughtfully designed, with each flower carefully chosen to reflect a facet of life's beauty. It is an ode to the cycle of life, the everlasting nature of memories, and the continuous melody of the soul's journey. "Eternal Harmony" serves as a floral tribute and a celebration of the legacy left behind, an offering of peace and beauty in times of farewell.

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