Sleek ceramic purse filled with bright-colored flowers for Mother's Day
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Contemporary Calla

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This ceramic keepsake container features shades of white, black, and gray with speckles of metallic gold flakes. The cylinder is filled with calla lilies, mini green hydrangea, and assorted greenery, including the ever-trendy monstera leaf.

Container is 10.5" x 3.5"

The Contemporary Calla arrangement from Rose Hill Flowers is a stunning example of elegance in modern design. It merges the timeless grace of calla lilies with the fresh vibrancy of mini green hydrangeas. This arrangement is poised in a striking ceramic keepsake container, whose design features a harmonious blend of white, black, and gray, accented with the subtle glint of metallic gold flakes, creating a visual experience that’s both classic and contemporary. Standing tall within this style cylinder, the calla lilies exude a sleek sophistication, their creamy white blooms arching gracefully like elegant swans. Complemented by the lush, globe-like forms of the mini green hydrangeas, this arrangement captures a snapshot of nature’s diversity. Including assorted greenery, including the ever-trendy monstera leaf, introduces a touch of the exotic, grounding the bouquet with its bold, graphic shape.

Measuring 10.5" x 3.5", the container is an art piece destined to be cherished long after the flowers have shared their last bloom. The Contemporary Calla arrangement speaks a language of refined taste and appreciation for the beauty of simplicity and the quiet drama of contrasting forms and colors.

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