Arrangement of white flowers in a cobalt blue vase

NOTE: Flowers may vary.

Casual Cool

Lovely arrangement with white flowers arranged in a beautiful cobalt blue container.

The container is also available in red or clear.

Casual Cool from Rose Hill Flowers captures the effortless elegance of a crisp, serene garden. This artful arrangement features a symphony of white blossoms—a collection of nature's purest hues. Luxuriant hydrangeas serve as the centerpiece, their bountiful clusters exuding a soft, ethereal charm. Accompanying them are the delicate petals of tulips and the starry bursts of daisies, each flower carefully selected to complement the others. Verdant greens peek through the blossoms, adding depth and a touch of wild grace, while snapdragon spikes and hints of stock infuse a varied texture that pleases the senses. The ensemble is thoughtfully contained within a stunning cobalt blue vase, whose rich, jewel-toned glass captures the light and provides a striking contrast that genuinely makes the white flowers pop.

Available also in vibrant red or classic clear options, the container can be chosen to match any decor or to signify a special meaning. Casual Cool is more than just a floral arrangement; it is a versatile statement piece, perfect for adorning any space with a relaxed sophistication.

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