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Barbie's Bouquet

Barbie's Bouquet features pink roses, lilies, stock, spray roses, and calla lilies that are expertly arranged with hydrangea and assorted greenery in a beautiful pink iridescent vase. The 6" x 6" pear-shaped vase showcases luminous colors that seem to change when seen from different angles. IT'S FANTASTIC!

Introducing Barbie's Bouquet from Rose Hill Flowers, a radiant arrangement as enchanting and multifaceted as its namesake. This creation captures Barbie's playful yet sophisticated spirit, combining the softness of pink roses with the exotic allure of lilies and calla lilies. The bouquet is a dance of color and fragrance, with the gentle hues of stock and spray roses intermingling with the delicate grace of hydrangeas. Expertly arranged among an array of fresh greenery, each bloom in Barbie's Bouquet has been chosen for its beauty and harmony, resulting in a floral symphony that sings of elegance and charm. The arrangement is presented in a stunning pink iridescent vase, whose pear-shaped contours and luminous colors evoke a sense of whimsy and wonder. Like the magical glow of a ballet slipper, the vase shimmers, changing its appearance with the light and the angle from which it is viewed.

Measuring 6" x 6", this fantastic vase is a perfect stage for the floral performance, ensuring that Barbie's Bouquet will be a sensational centerpiece or a treasured gift. It embodies fantastic flair—ideal for celebrating life's most stylish moments.

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