Patriotic arrangement with red, white and blue flowers and matching bow.


A true patriotic arrangement featuring white oriental lilies, blue hybrid delphinium, and white hydrangea with a matching bow. 

The "Americana" arrangement is a floral salute, a tribute to timeless honor and national pride, carefully crafted by Rose Hill Flowers. It stands tall and proud, with white Oriental lilies unfurling their petals like the stars on our flag, exuding purity and a sweet, heady fragrance that fills the air with a sense of tranquility. The blue hybrid delphinium reaches towards the sky, their vivid hues reminiscent of the noble field of blue on the American flag, each bloom a representation of steadfastness and justice. Nestled within this patriotic display, the lush white hydrangeas echo the unity and integrity we hold dear, a soft yet striking reminder of our shared hopes and dreams. Completing the piece is a beautifully tied bow that captures the very essence of the American spirit, its red, white, and blue ribbons flowing gracefully, adding a flourish of reverence and remembrance.

Crafted with deep respect in Nashville, the "Americana" arrangement is not just a bouquet; it's a declaration of love for our country, a symbol of gratitude for freedoms cherished, and a fitting homage to those we honor. Whether for Memorial Day, Veterans Day, or any day of patriotic celebration, it stands as a beacon of beauty, unity, and remembrance.

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