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Posted by Rose Hill Flowers on May 8, 2015 Flowers Spring Tulips

What are the Best Spring Flowers

spring flowersSpring has sprung, and with all of the beautiful flowers popping up in your garden, why not bring some indoors with a fresh spring arrangement from Rose Hill Flowers? Even if your outdoor gardens are lacking, you can enjoy the blooms of spring with help from our experienced floral design experts.

Celebrate Spring with Tulips

Tulips, in many ways, are the first flowers of spring. They bloom in brilliant color just after the cold of winter has finally passed. Originally a wild flower from Central Asia, the tulip was first cultivated by the Turks in 1,000 AD. When they were introduced in Europe and the Netherlands in the 17th century, the development of the beautiful bulbs really took off, especially in Holland. In the 1600s, the bulbs sold for exceptionally high prices, and then developers started to hybridize the flower and change its beauty. Soon, having tulips in your yard was a status symbol, and bulbs were sold by weight.

Over time, the bulbs spread throughout Europe, and the rarity lessened, so they were no longer a commodity an the price dropped. While people were no longer becoming wealthy selling tulips, the popularity of the flower has not dwindled. Today, the tulip is symbolic of love, cheerful thoughts and the dedication of a lover to the object of affection.

At Rose Hill Flowers, several of our arrangements feature the tulip. To showcase the beautiful flowers alone, consider a bouquet of fresh pink tulips, complemented by a simple pink ribbon and an understated vase.

spring flowers

Clouds of Spring

Bring Color Into Your Home This Spring

Some spring arrangements from Rose Hill Flowers bring a rainbow of colors into your home. Instead of focusing on just one flower, they bring in a beautiful combination of blooms so your home comes alive with color.

Consider, as an example, Spring Renaissance. This colorful and fragrant arrangement makes a beautiful centerpiece for your home. It is the ideal shape for a longer table, so consider adding it before a dinner party or when entertaining guests. It features spring flowers, like tulips and daffodils, alongside hydrangeas and roses for a colorful display.

spring flowers

Spring Renaissance

As you dress up your home for spring, don’t forget the flowers. Rose Hill Flowers makes it easy to celebrate spring in beautiful floral color.