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Posted by Rose Hill Flowers on April 9, 2015 Flowers Prom

What are the Best Flowers to Wear at Prom

shutterstock_50394988As one of the most memorable events of high school, many students spend months planning for their prom. Over the last century, prom has changed with the times, and what was once a rather gentile dance with nosey chaperones and punch has become a rollicking party of loud music, laughter, and fun.

Flowers have long been a staple of dates well before high school students ever attended their proms. Couples have worn flowers to dances, dinners, and balls for centuries. That tradition has continued to the present through an exchange of flowers between couples for prom. However, instead of wearing a corsage on the dress, girls today have taken to wearing them on their wrists.

Are There Any Rules for Prom Flowers?

You might only get to go to prom once, and getting everything right means a little juggling. For your prom flowers, traditional blooms usually include roses and carnations, but many couples are choosing to go with orchids these days for an elegant touch to their prom flowers.

There are usually two types of prom flowers that include the boutonniere and the corsage. A bouquet of flowers is also a popular way to begin the evening. The corsage is usually worn on the wrist while the boutonniere is worn on the lapel of a jacket.

Most couples also choose their flowers to match, which usually means a joint trip to the flower shop or some discussion beforehand about the colors and choice of flowers. However, there’s no absolute rule that says flowers must match exactly.

Tips for Choosing the Best Prom Flowers

As with any flowers that are made-to-order, you’ll want to get in touch with your florist to get your prom flowers ordered early. Fortunately, prom flowers aren’t a complex endeavor like flowers for a wedding, but prom season is busy, so you’ll want to cross off ordering your flowers early in your planning.

Are you attending prom with friends rather than a date? You might think about talking with your friends about matching flowers. If you want to make sure the flowers match everyone’s outfits, go with white roses. They match everything! Everyone can also pool their money and nominate one person to speak with the florist and order the corsages.

As you plan for your big night, have fun as you choose your flowers from Rose Hill Flowers. Get as creative or classic as you’d like with traditional roses or something unexpected like lilies.