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Posted by Rose Hill Flowers on December 27, 2017 | Last Updated: December 29, 2017 Flowers Get Well Gifts

Two Ways To Wish Them A Get Well

There’s nothing like a get well gift of flowers to cheer up an ailing loved one. Flowers and plants have the unique ability to lift our spirits and create the kind of happiness that lasts several days (a Rutgers study confirms this). For centuries, flowers have been utilized for their medicinal qualities in teas and tinctures, and even flower essence has been said to have healing properties.

At Rose Hill Flowers, we’ve got a collection of get well arrangements designed to perk up anyone who may be suffering this cold and flu season, but two of our favorites deserve special mention.

One of the best ways to snap someone out of the winter blues or worse is to remind them of brighter, healthier days ahead. We think a tropics-inspired arrangement achieves this. Just consider our Tropical Beauty, which is studded with blazing Birds of Paradise, a swirl of branches and contrasting greens. Not only is this piece visually arresting (an important consideration if you’re house- or hospital-bound), but it’s bright and cheerful, too.¬†

On the other hand, something that will make them laugh is always good as well. It would be impossible not to smile at our Painted Glamour Tabby, a container with personality for days. This can be filled with a small green or blooming plant to breathe life into a room in more ways than one. This is also a great piece for a child.

It’s traditional to offer a bouquet of bright blooms as a get well gift, but Rose Hill Flowers¬†loves the idea of being a little more creative and customized in how you wish someone a get well through flowers.