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Posted by Rose Hill Flowers on June 2, 2016 Flowers Summer

Tropical Flowers as Art

tropical flowersThis is a perfect time of the year to adorn with tropical flowers. Even though these amazing plants and blooms are not native to the Nashville area, floral arrangements and potted flowering tropical plants are an excellent way to decorate your home for the warm months. Can’t make it to the tropics this year? Bring the tropics to you!

tropical flowersOne of the unique aspects of these exotic plants and flowers is their dramatic colors and shapes. Iconic tropical plants, such as the vivid bird of paradise and the intriguing bamboo, create linear arrangements that are not only strikingly beautiful but also practically artistic. The colors, the lines, and the diversity of texture creates a type of floral artistry that will add elegance to any home of office.

tropical flowersThere are many types of flowers that will add interest to your tropical masterpiece. Orchids are grown in thousands of species and varieties; the dendrobium orchid is associated with tropical flower arranging because they are often used in floral leis. Other flowers that are popular for this type of bouquet are succulents, Fuji mums, and protea; as well as anthuriums, bromeliads, and crotons.tropical flowers
If you are looking to create a long lasting tropical oasis on your patio or porch, consider gathering a few potted bromeliads. These colorful spiky plants are hardy and easy to care for; they can be used to create a mini-garden on your deck, or to adorn the tables in your sun-room. Speak to a Rebel Hill florist to design your indoor floral art piece or outdoor tropical garden. Whatever you decide, we are confident you will feel surrounded by the aura of paradise.