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Posted by Rose Hill Flowers on July 24, 2015 Birthdays Flowers Summer

The Best Flowers to Send for Summer Birthdays

summer birthdayWhen your busy summer schedule preoccupies you to such an extent that you practically forget an important birthday, you scramble to find a gift for your recipient, but you may not have enough time to think about finding a gift this person is going to love. You’re in luck. Rose Hill Flowers has a team of floral designers who are Experts in the Art of Expression. We will gladly help you pick out a flower arrangement that sends your male or female family member, friend, coworker, or loved one, your heartfelt birthday greetings.

We came up with two ideas that we think are ideal for the special guy or girl in your life. These arrangements are perfect for an office, or for somewhere in his or her home.

If you are a traditionalist, and you constantly doubt you will ever find a flower arrangement that has a masculine vibe that will resonate with a man, think again. If the guy for whom you are buying a birthday gift is a classic car or truck fan, he’ll be thrilled to receive our “Classic Blue Ford Truck” arrangement. We fill this adorable keepsake ceramic truck with seasonal flowers in bright colors that bring out the blue color of this classic 1950’s Ford truck replica. Car enthusiasts will really appreciate your thoughtfulness.

summer brithday

Classic Blue Ford Truck

When you want to send birthday greetings to a very special person in your life, send them in style with our Hydrangea and Roses Cluster. This elegant and sophisticated arrangement is breathtakingly beautiful. It oozes summer with the illusion that you are delivering these flowers immediately after picking them in your old-fashioned Southern flower garden. We choose fresh green and white hydrangeas and mix them with a dozen roses in a color of your choosing. We arrange all the flowers in a classic clear glass cube vase to make sure that nothing takes attention away from the spectacular flowers. When you want to stop someone special in their tracks and let them know how much you love them, this arrangement will do that – in the grandest and most flamboyant way imaginable.

summer birthday

Hydrangea and Roses Cluster