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Posted by Rose Hill Flowers on April 4, 2016 Flowers Spring

Springtime Daisies

daisiesSpring is a season of expectation in Nashville. The flowers are emerging from the thawing ground, leaves are once again covering the trees and the weather is perfect for getting outside. To celebrate the new season, the expert florists at Rebel Hill are designing striking floral arrangements that feature April’s official flower, the daisy.

The bright white flowers with the round yellow center are a traditional emblem of spring, and hold a special place in many people’s hearts.

Did You Know? The daisy is not a single flower, but two. The yellow disk in the center of the daisy is made up of smaller clusters of singular flowers; the white petals are a second flower.

daisies daisies


Gerbera daisies have broad appeal due to their vibrant color scheme and joyful countenance. The beautifully vivid hues just exude happiness; colors such as hot pink, orange, yellow and red ensure that these spring blooms will stand out as a stunning addition to any home décor.

Did You Know? Daisies get their name from the old English term “daes eag”, which in modern terms would be “day’s eye”. They are so called because of their habit of closing up into a bud when the sun sets, and reopening at morning’s light.



Gerberas and shastas (the white and yellow variety) are of the same family, along with dahlias, mums and marigolds. The most famous cousin to the daisy is the sunflower; another bloom which thrives on sunlight. The family of plants to which these flowers belong make up about 10% of the worlds’ plants.

For all your April occasions, especially the birthdays of those you love, consider sending happiness via the daisy. The florists at Rebel Hill can deliver not only the daisy, but all of the spring blooms you love. Gather them together for a seasonal arrangement that will extol the beauty of springtime.