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Posted by Rose Hill Flowers on June 1, 2015 Flowers Roses

Roses in June

rosesIt is hard to think of any flower that inspires people to the extent that roses do. They are incredibly beautiful flowers. They have so much symbolism that there is even a language of roses. Its purpose is to explain the hidden meaning of roses, from different varieties to the symbolism of specific colors. It is an entirely different language from the language of flowers that was created during the Victorian Era. In honor of this beautiful flower, which also happens to be the birth flower for the month of June, we’ve decided to celebrate it here at Rose Hill Flowers.

The rose is the traditional flower of love. It is also the national flower of the United States. If you are giving a loved one a gift of roses, it is important to understand the meaning of the gift you are about to give them.


Red roses are always seen as an expression of love. Use them to express the depths of your emotions, including feelings of love, desire, longing, and passion.

  • They can express admiration, devotion, or respect.
  • A flower in a deep shade of red expresses a sense of sorrow or heartfelt regrets about something.

The number of flowers is also important. The most popular gift is an arrangement of a dozen red roses. It sends the recipient the message that you love them.



Orange roses are reminiscent of a fiery blaze. They symbolize energy and passion. Next to red roses, orange roses convey romantic and passionate feelings. They also express pride, fervor, and intense desire.



White roses represent new beginnings. That is why they are often used in bridal bouquets. White also represents chastity, innocence, and purity. They are also used to express humility, spirituality, and sympathy.


Yellow roses convey a sense of exuberance. They represent happy feelings like joy, caring, and friendship. They also express warm and welcoming feelings. Yellow is never connected with romance. The emotions they express are associated with platonic friendship.



Pink roses express feelings of admiration, gratitude, and joy. Light pink is indicative of sweetness and innocence while deep pink suggests appreciation and gratitude. Pink is also connected with grace and elegance.



Lavender roses express enchantment. They can also suggest love at first sight. Dark lavender (a shade that is almost purple,) represents a sense of splendor or regal majesty. It also delivers a message of adoration and fascination.


Since blue isn’t a natural color for roses, blue suggests a sense of mysteriousness. It can also symbolize something that is unattainable. Blue roses are the ultimate expression of unattainable desire.


Green roses are really off white roses that have tinges of green on the petals. Green represents peace and tranquility. A gift of a green rose can deliver a message of hopefulness for a prosperous new life. It can tell someone you wish them a speedy recovery.


A black rose is connected with the idea of death. There is no real black rose. What we think of as a black rose is really a dark burgundy.

For a gift that is sure to leave a lasting impression, give that special person in your life, our spectacular Hydrangea and Roses Cluster doesn’t fall short. We combine green and white hydrangeas with a dozen roses in your choice of color and neatly arrange them in a cube-shaped vase.

Give the gift of roses to a special person whose birthday is in June.