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Posted by Rose Hill Flowers on March 2, 2016 Flowers

Rose Hill Flowers – International Women’s Day

women's dayInternational Women’s originated in Soviet bloc nations well over 100 years ago; and the first American observance took place in New York City in 1909. However, the contemporary version of the day has been transformed by the two major influences -the United Nations, and the internet. In 1977, the UN officially backed the initiative which aimed towards achieving equal rights, freedoms and opportunities for women and girls around the world; the internet has united proponents of the campaign through social media.


The centennial anniversary of International Women’s Day took place on March 8, 2011; President Obama marked the day by declaring the entire month of March National Women’s month. He asked Americans to recall the innovative and pioneering women who had helped build our country; women like Harriet Tubman, Amelia Earhart and Eleanor Roosevelt, who each left their stamp on our history. Clara Barton, who founded the Red Cross, would likely be proud to know that the Red Cross has stepped to the forefront of the fight for global women’s rights.

women's day


While there are thousands of admirable women in the history books, there are also countless women we admire right here in the Nashville area. The dedicated teacher, the successful business woman or the loving mom – they all influence and impact the world in positive ways. So on March 8th, how about celebrating International Women’s Day, by sending the remarkable women in your life a bouquet, floral arrangement or green plant.


If you need ideas, ask our Rebel Hill professionals! For instance, we can tell you that a daffodil represents esteem and respect; alstromeria signifies wealth and prosperity and a lotus flower tells her that she is wise. In fact, there are hundreds of way to honor the woman in your life for her contributions, through the language of flowers. Rose Hill Flowers salutes all the women around the world – past and present – who fearlessly lead the way in in the fight for equality.