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Posted by Rose Hill Flowers on June 8, 2017 | Last Updated: June 11, 2017 Weddings

Nashville Wedding & Anniversary Celebrations

Nashville wedding

In ancient Rome, it was considered good luck to marry in the month named after the goddess Juno, who was considered to be a protector of women – especially new brides and new mothers. In Celtic cultures, nearly everyone married in June, thanks to a tradition which paired up young couples on May Day (May 1) and allowed them to marry after a 6 week waiting period. These customs and others may have influenced our culture down through the years – or maybe we just love to marry in June because of the lovely weather and the excitement of summer! Whatever the reasoning, experts tell us that June is, in fact, the most popular month to tie the knot. That being the case, it seems a perfect time to talk about wedding, anniversaries, and all things romantic!

Rose Hill Flowers is excited to share our wedding galleries with you as you plan your wedding – June or otherwise! Our designers have received numerous industry awards for design excellence and customer service, and we can’t wait to show you how extraordinary your wedding can be.

nashville wedding

If you still have not chosen a wedding florist, check out our Wedding Site for galleries, tips, traditions, and information. You will also love browsing our beautiful Pinterest Boards, which showcase several wedding boards, as well as hundreds of other photos for inspiration.

When should you call a florist? If you have your venue booked and your color palette is selected, set up a no-obligation consult. Bring photos of your venue for both the ceremony and the reception, as well as color swatches. We’ll get to work designing extraordinary flowers that you will love. nashville wedding

With all the excitement surrounding a wedding, it’s tough to remember that soon you’ll be celebrating your first anniversary – and before you know it, your 5th and your 10th! If you got married in June, this is your anniversary month, and Rebel Hill Florist has a gorgeous collection of anniversary bouquets and arrangements that say “I would marry you all over again.” Browse the collection here, or call us for a custom bouquet.

Nashville weddingA Nashville wedding is beautiful, memorable, and romantic – and your life together is no different. Trust the expert floral designers at Rose Hill Flowers to make your wedding day, and each subsequent anniversary, a lovely affair. Congratulations, no matter where you are on your journey!