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Posted by Rose Hill Flowers on November 3, 2015 Fall Flowers

Dahlias at Rose Hill Flowers

dahliasWith autumn in full swing, our thoughts turn to the holidays. Gatherings with family and friends, festive meals and parties begin to captivate our minds. The flowers of fall are rich and lush; with colors that are warm and just feel comforting, somehow. There are several types of flower that continue to bloom through the fall, and make up some of our most traditional floral bouquets. Of these, the dahlia may not be the most well known by name, but is certainly recognizable in our centerpieces and autumn décor.


dahliasThe dahlia is a bit of a chameleon, with 15 different color groupings and a myriad of possible petal shapes and sizes. Although the dahlia is grown in light shades such as pink and white, it is the deeper hues of red, purple and orange the captivate our seasonal senses. Paired with fall accents, and fruits of the fall harvest, dahlias make for stunning home décor at this time of year. Adding candles for an evening glow adds warmth and cozy familiarity to your table.


If you wish to send dahlias this season, you should be aware of the two major sentiments the flowers represents. For friends or family, the bloom signifies elegance and dignity, and makes a wonderful bouquet to send to someone you admire and respect. However, the flower is most often connected to feeling of true commitment and eternal bonds, making the dahlia a popular choice for celebrating weddings and anniversaries. Roses and many varieties of daisies convey the same; so an arrangement of these three flowers is a meaningful statement of love and fidelity for the one you love.


There are over 2,000 varieties of the dahlia; and Rose Hill Flowerss would love to show you how this prolific flower can be incorporated into your fall floral arrangements. With so many shapes, sizes and colors, there is sure to be a dahlia that attracts your attention. Our Nashville florists are looking forward to helping you choose the perfect flowers for your autumn occasions.