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A Top Of The Class Gift

The start of school is just around the corner, and we've got one other thing to add to your school supplies list---a teacher gift. We know, we know. Typically we offer the teachers, administrators and staff in our lives a gift at the end of the year as a way to say "job well done" and to express our gratitude for all of their efforts. And while┬áRose Hill Flowers┬áisn't suggesting you forgo that custom, we are suggesting that you add a new one, offering your child's educators (or yours) a little something at the start of the year as well. Why? It establishes a positive relationship right away. It gives the teacher something to set right on her desk, brightening it up and bringing nature into the classroom. And if you choose wisely, your gift can be something that endures all year. Read More about A Top Of The Class Gift »
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Dorm Decor for College Rooms

This fall, over 20 millions students are preparing to return to college campuses. Of those, approximately 12 million will be attending college for the first time - and just over 2 million will be experiencing dorm life for the very first time. Of course, that means that those same students will likely be living away from home for the first time in their lives - an intimidating fact in any situation, but especially so when it is compounded with roommates they don't know, classes they are unfamiliar with and a campus that seems to large to navigate. At Rose Hill Flowers, we understand how very important it is to you that your student will feel as comfortable as possible in their new space - and to that end, we have lovely dorm decor that will create a personal and homey vibe. Read More about Dorm Decor for College Rooms »
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